Sunday, November 30, 2008

Singapore trip


This trip down to singapore was terrible! everyone was sick..except me..first day was daddy then mummy then lisa then everyday also there is someone sick..went shopping but didnt get boring you know we can still survive if we dont have a car..cause there are so many busses and taxies all around..mrt lagi best..but have to walk a little bit..but there are negative things about singapore too..people start honking when you drive slow..when you want to look at the signboard to see where to go..the road there is dad drove round and round and realize that we have to turn in one junction to get to that place..haiz..

The wedding was really nice and grand..they have spotlight on each table..the food was different from other wedding dinner..this trip was boring except for the wedding as i said everyone was sick so everyone dont want to go sien..we stayed at my dad's friend's of them was so active..hyper..the other two was very quiet and super cute..didnt manage to take their picture cause when they saw the camera, they ran away..

Twilight is out!! i wanna bro's friend said its a must to watch..the show will only be out on the 18 of dec in singapore..too bad for them..haha..oh no..i've got so many things not done yet..but i am still here terrible..

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