Monday, November 23, 2009


Went to PJEFC to help out in VBS, had lots of fun. theres this guy name gary, there in the picture below, the boy with the brown jacket covering his face, so cute la he!! the way shen wen called him is exactly the way she calls the gary in jati, so its kinda funny, haha. he is really talkative, busy talking abt G.I. Joe and his fav football team Liverpool and some other stuff. its hard to get a picture of him without his jacket covering his we made a deal, first he took a picture where you can only see his eyes, then later he covered his mouth then at last a picture of him. its even harder to keep him still. so i guess today is my day thats why i got picture of him. haha.

dont you think he look like someone..

ppl, this is ken

take 1

take 2


Kids are just so adorable!! dont you think so..

Monday, November 16, 2009

A day out..:)

At last!! plan worked out! went ice skating with a few human beings..hmm..quite fun..I fell 4 times!! 4 freaking times and got blueblacks and a scratch..but at least no blister..haha.. so perfect plans to push people down FAILED!! instead of me pushing them down..i lost my balance and almost

Wanted to take a group picture..BUT i forgot to..oh well..blame my brain not only pictures of us 3 girls..

the car moved so much its a bit shaky..

no idea what funny post to i just look out the window..

look at dear shen wen

thats for now..
i hate facebook..i cant upload pictures..
maybe its just my computer..
ooo i like putting...
like it or not..
i dont care..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once in a life time thing!

I ponteng school..i mean by walking out of school before school ends..yeap..its true..haha..damn scary when we were walking heartbeat freaking fast..twice the time of my usual cctv saw us..I HOPE SO!

Then we and our fantastic plan to go Curve after that..CHANGED to going to 1u..better than not its a day with emily and shen wen..u know what? emily walks really fast..her one step is my two steps..thats how fast she go..i dont know how can it happen too!!

Anyways..Thursday was a last day for us form 3s..i should have brought my camera!! sigh..regreted..but its okay..we've got emily's ginormous camera the super chunted one and jinni's camera..haha..had a great time taking pictures..i guess thats for now..when i get those pictures frm jinni and emily i'll post it here..:)

Thats for now:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random One

Let me introduce u to my beloved cousin who will be sitting for her SPM this month..haha..i have got nothing else better to do so when i browse through my pictures i saw these i thought maybe i upload them..haha..

we were at Tropicana City when it just open not long..pretty eh the shades

us doing silly things together


thats for today..:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


few of us Jinni, Shen Wen and me went to Emily's place today..since she cant go out this week we went over to her's..haha..had a great time there..ate her homecook kuey tiao..hmm..yumm..healthy..haha..then we played monopoly..emily owned..her nephew keep so called kacauing her but it's soooo cute..his chubby cheeks..gosh..then half way through the game..guess what..emily's nephew(1+yrs old) pee-ed!! he even said shee laughed their heads off..omg..he is so cute!! lol..we watched bride wars also..hmm..that show..okay la..not that bad..i know its abit outdated cause that show is quite old already..

guess thats what i did today..sigh..plans to go 1u this friday cancelled AGAIN!! oh well..maybe just the few of us girls go out then plan another outing with the guys..haha..see how it goes..haha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I wanted to blog about something..really la!! but unfortunately..i dont remember what that is..

But 1 thing i know..that is for sure..I AM BOREDDD!!!