Thursday, September 17, 2009


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September babies

September baby

I know i have not been updating for quite some time already..i am a busy person okay!! especially this year when PMR is just 3WEEKS away!!!*i feel my goosebumps*

Anyway, had a great birthday this year!! had FOUR with family(oreo cheese), another friends (mocha) it was a mini surprise planned by my wonderful cousin, another given by aunt (chocolate cake), last but not least..with 3 other cousins bithdays falling on the same month(choco cheese)!! *DROOLs*..shen wen joined us too!!! haha..

not much time to type out what exactly i try to get as much pics as i can so you people know what leh..haha

After this post, i wont be updating till those stinky exams are happy studying all the form 3's out there!! :) we can fly after the 13th of Oct!! Woohooo...