Thursday, July 1, 2010




Thursday, June 3, 2010

Party Time!

It has been long since i last updated my dead blog. so tommorow is goin to be the LAST day of exams! Wheeeee! happy me! *jumps jumps*

But i am totally screwed for all my other papers especially the science ones! Somehow i feel very relaxing for this term's exam. I've got to admit that i didnt really put much effort in. So if the results are not satisfying i will know who to blame.

Who cares about it now when they are over. i'll just get worried about it a day before school reopens..

so i plan to bake,shop,bake,shop,go sunway lagoon,bake,shop...etc all day long during this very short 2 weeks holidays! if only its a month!

oh that i've updated it..ciaoz:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Everything is just so messy! Exams are just in 2 weeks time and i am not ready. Saturdays and Sundays are packed with activities. I just cant find a perfect time to sit and study! It feels like so many things are going on. but i am still left far behind.this feeling sucks!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Anyone willing to teach me add maths and physics?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Facts

Ways to eat it:
1. Dip it in milk..Hmmmmm..
2. Make oreo milkshake! Yummmm..

Its random i know.i ran out of idea to keep this blog alive.

so thats for now. off i go.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So.exam results are OUT! and they are not very many unexpected things people getting full marks for both add maths and mod maths paper.also getting full marks for chemistry.this people really worked their butt out! FREAKY!

So far no failed subject.i hope there wont be any.but for chinese.i've got nothing to say.thats my standard.cant do anything about it.oh wells.enough of all these depressing things.

Today we've got a friendly match with Tmn Sea school.UNFORTUNATELY we lost 2-3.oh wells.everyone was just stressed out.ITS OKAY PEOPLE! we can do it! the game was an exciting one.the marks were so close each other.

Anyways, thats about it. my post will end here! :P

Friday, March 19, 2010


SO.i went to genting and so we played at the theme park.just my brother and me.we spent 90% of the time to queue up and this is not fun.waiting for your turn to come is really boring! AND THEN i missed the bestest of the bestest's game.which is the roller coaster-cork angry! cause the line was really long so we didnt want to wait and so we saved that for the it was dark and we went there.where there is less than 10 people.but when we were all ready to set RAINED! @#$%^!! just got back from CF Camp.this camp was really fun.the games were great too! and my Angel was a really really really nice and sweet angel.i almost got a sugar rush.he kept giving me sweets things.also met loads of f2 and f3 new friends.they were all so sweet and nice and friendly.this is also the first camp that served such delicious meals! really.they were so good i cant help not eating i think i put on some weight:( overall, camp was really awesome! they have night court.this is a really funny is so funny you cant not laugh your butt off! serious! funny to the max.

after camp i've got to go for sad my life is.its a holiday! and i am tired! but i've got to go.sigh.not that i am forced to just that i dont want to be left behind when the others have done so many things.

and so after unpacking all my clothes, i have to pack new ones again cause there'll be another camp can you imagine how puffy my eyebags are.good for you if you can. reopening.means marks are going to be given out.this is not going to be fun!

pictures come later. i want to sleep!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines day!

So.went to watch valentines day and it was a total dissapoinment! It also spoiled my almost-perfect-image of taylor swift! She is freaking bitchy in that show. And taylor lautner barely appears! I think he appeared for less than 5 scenes! And the main person that attracted my attention to this show was taylor lautner!
This show has no storyline. Its just a comedy and full of kissing scenes! Overall.i dont really enjoy the show.but its nt bad la.the funny scenes only.

So CNY is boring this year! And exams around the corner. I have a week left to study! And I dont think its goin to be enough. Good luck to

The End.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dead Blog ALERT!

WARNING! this blog is dead.and i am not going to revive it unless i have time for it.which is not going to happen soon.cause my works are stacking up and i have loads of works dat i am going to get a LEWAT for.this is BAD!

SO new year is around the corner! and i havent got anything yet!this is really sad! if i dont bake cookies, i think this year's new year is going to be just like a normal day.except that we dont have to go to school.haha.

I am currently struggling with my physics and chemistry and also add maths.this is not cool!

Thats for now.hey.i just revived my i go..*boink boink boink* *WHEEE*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Had biology class today. and we did experiment on plant and animal cell! i did the plant one.which was onion.i tried 3 FREAKING times! and still failed in the end! i see air bubbles in my plant cell! one of my friend did once and she got a perfect one!i jealous.haha.the disgusting thing is the air bubbles and before adjusting the lens of the microscope properly.its like 1 biji 1 biji.the most geli thing is when u see the air bubble through the microscope! black circles in between the cells.DAMN YUCKS! even now when i think about it my goosebumps appear! this means i can never be a scientist.


how i wish i never had to look at it now.

the cheek cell wasnt that bad.maybe its because i dont know how to see.i only see blue methylene spots.oh well.thats for today.

i am happy
now that things worked out well
sorry for what happened in th past

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Add maths,chemistry,physics and biology.these new subjects are killing me! Especially add maths!
I am suppose to be sleeping nw.but I thought maybe just update this dead blog.and so here am i.
So since i've brought a bit of life back,i shall nw leave.goodnight.:-D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It all started with mummy.she got sick then passed it to eugene then to me then sister then dad.wonderful isnt it..usually my mum and me will be the exceptional ones.but this time virus too strong! and of all days it hit me on tuesday which is the most exciting day of the week..not the chinese class obviously!! i went for chinese and slept there.a while only la.i am not so terrible then went to play volleyball for 15 miserable minutes! after that i felt much much better!! see what volleyball can do! haha..

anyways..i am struggling with form 4's new subject! i hope i can survive.YAY! nerds ROCKS! OMG!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whee..i am a happy girl! I got my new phone last saturday! Many interesting features! Loving it! at first I wanted either w910i or w595.then they said w910i stop producing they recommend w705 which is a combination of the both phones I initially wanted! So dats why I m happy! Lol..Lazy to go any thats for nw.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


THIS SUCKS MAN!! I hate my class and so am i hating going to school now! Eventhough its only the second day! Usually i will be like super excited and happy when its the first week of i cant even stand 2 freaking days how am i going to survive the NEXT YEAR?!!! OH MY GOSH!! i tell you..I can jump down from KLCC already!

Someone save me! i want to be in Balau! My crazy BM teacher expect us to finish reading the novel in one FRIGGING day!!! WTH!! and asked those who have not read it to do synopsis! SUPER NONSENCE WEIH!! i very tak puas hati now! and i dont have anyone to complain this to..usually i will shake and do anything to release my anger on shen i will just have to keep it to myself! i can really jump down from the highest building now!

I MUST LIKE MY CLASS NO MATTER WHAT!! meet new friends and be like them!!! WHHHEEEE...i am loving myself! LOL..going crazy cause of this WONDERFULY BORING class!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


So..i am actually very lazy to blog about the trip to cina land..
so i will just tell you what i like and what i dislike there
here it goes..

-the freezing whether. but dont really enjoy it after a few days, cause wearing many many many layers inside is troublesome. go toilet also mar least also got 5 layers)
-scenery. took many pictures

-toilets there!! OMG! can die ar! some toilets okay BUT some is until our chest height ONLY!! you look over and you see 'EVERYTHING'!
and the hotel toilet very 'romantic'.you know why?! cause the toilet door is TRANSPARENT! the wee wee door is translucent, they only use a curtain to close that section up.WTH rite!! so since my bro and i are in the same room so of cause we dont shower la..we shower in other hotels with doors that is made up of WOOD not glass!
-food. horrible especially the hotel food..ate rice for one whole week..super sien!
-not enough time for shopping! they gave us only an hour to shop one whole long road! by the time we walk to the shop, 5 mins gone. then choose things, 20 mins gone. then pay money, 5 mins gone. then walk to another shop again..etc. at most 2 shops only!
-hotel bed. Gosh! its freaking HARD!

thats all i can think of now..i really am lazy to blog if i am not lazy i will post some pics up..if you dont see pics then go to my facebook. end of story..terima kasih..