Tuesday, January 5, 2010


THIS SUCKS MAN!! I hate my class and so am i hating going to school now! Eventhough its only the second day! Usually i will be like super excited and happy when its the first week of school..now i cant even stand 2 freaking days how am i going to survive the NEXT YEAR?!!! OH MY GOSH!! i tell you..I can jump down from KLCC already!

Someone save me! i want to be in Balau! My crazy BM teacher expect us to finish reading the novel in one FRIGGING day!!! WTH!! and asked those who have not read it to do synopsis! SUPER NONSENCE WEIH!! i very tak puas hati now! and i dont have anyone to complain this to..usually i will shake and do anything to release my anger on shen wen..now i will just have to keep it to myself! i can really jump down from the highest building now!

I MUST LIKE MY CLASS NO MATTER WHAT!! meet new friends and be like them!!! WHHHEEEE...i am loving myself! LOL..going crazy cause of this WONDERFULY BORING class!!

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