Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Had biology class today. and we did experiment on plant and animal cell! i did the plant one.which was onion.i tried 3 FREAKING times! and still failed in the end! i see air bubbles in my plant cell! one of my friend did once and she got a perfect one!i jealous.haha.the disgusting thing is the air bubbles and before adjusting the lens of the microscope properly.its like 1 biji 1 biji.the most geli thing is when u see the air bubble through the microscope! black circles in between the cells.DAMN YUCKS! even now when i think about it my goosebumps appear! this means i can never be a scientist.


how i wish i never had to look at it now.

the cheek cell wasnt that bad.maybe its because i dont know how to see.i only see blue methylene spots.oh well.thats for today.

i am happy
now that things worked out well
sorry for what happened in th past

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