Friday, January 1, 2010


So..i am actually very lazy to blog about the trip to cina land..
so i will just tell you what i like and what i dislike there
here it goes..

-the freezing whether. but dont really enjoy it after a few days, cause wearing many many many layers inside is troublesome. go toilet also mar least also got 5 layers)
-scenery. took many pictures

-toilets there!! OMG! can die ar! some toilets okay BUT some is until our chest height ONLY!! you look over and you see 'EVERYTHING'!
and the hotel toilet very 'romantic'.you know why?! cause the toilet door is TRANSPARENT! the wee wee door is translucent, they only use a curtain to close that section up.WTH rite!! so since my bro and i are in the same room so of cause we dont shower la..we shower in other hotels with doors that is made up of WOOD not glass!
-food. horrible especially the hotel food..ate rice for one whole week..super sien!
-not enough time for shopping! they gave us only an hour to shop one whole long road! by the time we walk to the shop, 5 mins gone. then choose things, 20 mins gone. then pay money, 5 mins gone. then walk to another shop again..etc. at most 2 shops only!
-hotel bed. Gosh! its freaking HARD!

thats all i can think of now..i really am lazy to blog if i am not lazy i will post some pics up..if you dont see pics then go to my facebook. end of story..terima kasih..

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