Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random things

I stepped on a LIZARD just now!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW EWWWWW first i thought it was a rubber or something then i stepped a little more harder then when i lift my leg up and see what that was..a lizard running away!! i screamed immediately..and my dad called me crazy and laughed when i told him what happened!!! EWWWWW!! 200% DISGUSTING!!

got to get going with my sejarah!! sejarah nerd!! haha

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Like i will those who know me well..if i actually finished ALL i mean ALL my works then i am not myself..its impossible for me to finish everything..*tsk tsk* lazy!! i week is our first-term exam..and guess what..I HAVENT STUDY YET..maybe a bit..but it is just one chapter of sejarah..thats all!!! whenever i study in my room..i tend to sit on the bed then guess what..*poof into my dream wonderland* (conclusion: do not study on your bed)

i think thats all...btw..just ignore the lines..i will re do it after exam..if only i know how to...GAHHH..i hate geography!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009





Just got my injection today..i think is it?? nvm..who cares about what that is..but it hurts!! not that pain la..but painer than those i took during std1 and std3 and std6...the first day i cant wait to go..cause there isnt enough time for all the classes to my class went through it only the second day which is today..but when everyone said it hurts..then i got hurts a little now..everyone said it will be painful the second day..i hope it doesnt happen to of the girl in my class fainted!! cause she wasnt smart right..when the nurse ask her whether she is well..i guessed she said smart..her face was so pale..then gary was jealous cause she got to drink milo..hahaha...

Last weekend was so fun..went to emily's church..everyone is so nice..i like the part when the guys have to serve the funny lo...hahaha..then we went to curve with will be her last weekend here in malaysia!! i will miss her..she is a great leader..she always does what girls like to do..thats the fun part..and i rmb when we went for lunch together with a few cg members in ikea,we had a 'girls talk' and i was asked to tell them who i like and i did then she start giving me advice...i will miss her loads...but i think deborah will be a great leader too!!! she is really nice..just like i think there wont be a problem if she take over our cg...

i think i have to go and read some sejarah now..exams are in like 13 more days..and i am not prepared at all!! so i think i have to 'refill' my brain with least..cause i've set a target for my exam this time..since there is no ringkasan, rangsangan, chinese essay, english essay..and all the writing writing things la..i hate essays!!! so since there isnt any essays..i have to do no not have to but MUST!! but my geography.. i think that one no hope lo..cause its form1-3...and i dislike bye bye...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time flies

exam is in like few weeks time..i am not prepared at all..and thanks to my brain..i forgot how to do the first and second chapter for a few days..everything just poof...GONE!!

I miss last year soo much!! especially my friends!! life is dead without u people..class is dead!!you know when you dont really know those people..then..NVM..forget about it.. theres loads of good memories during form1..but now..EVERYTHING CHANGED!! the world changes day by day as in like trees are less and less everyday..if you can get what i mean..people do change too!! and i hate it when they changed..when they dont need you, they ignore you..but when they need you they look for you...WHAT IS THIS!! why is it so hard to get a true friend?!!

my bm work are getting more and more..if i dont start doing..i wont be able to finish it...4 karangan, 2 ringkasan, 1 rangsangan, tatabahasa..and i need to pass it all up by to finish...when i am still here blogging..then later watch a pig!!

DEAD class, DEAD me... i want you (you know who u are) in my class..i miss ur lameness..funniness..gossips...craziness..and also all ur 'stories'..randomness always coming out with crazy things..all ur complains..cause if there is no one complaining it will be so boring..and most of all..playing KILLER!! haha..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


this little hamster i found on google is soooooo cute!! dont you think so..i wannttt it!! argh..soo cute

AT LAST!!! i can serve the volleyball!! not boasting..but i seriously felt really happy and excited when i was able to serve the volleyball!! yesterday the first few times i kept serving..using my full strength BUT it wont work so later on i kept on playing and..*poof* i did it!! really excited about volleyball now..but i hope eventhough after 1 week of not touching the ball i can still remember how to serve..

school nowadays..only one word to describe..BORING!! having such suckish teachers..especially is okay with me if she doesnt teach as good as those experienced teachers..but the problem is that she either enter the class late or never come..i kesian those who dont go for science tuition..pity them..exam sure die..unless they are those smart and hardworking ones..but this type of people very few only..

Valentines Day
coming soon..(this Saturday)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I do not like jati and WILL NOT like it!!

Jati is a suckish class..everyone seems so..different as in like not my type something like that..i dont know how to dont have to understand it anyway!

i m doing this just to update my going-to-be-dead blog

but still..i hate 3 Jati!!

I hate everything about that class!