Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time flies

exam is in like few weeks time..i am not prepared at all..and thanks to my brain..i forgot how to do the first and second chapter for a few days..everything just poof...GONE!!

I miss last year soo much!! especially my friends!! life is dead without u people..class is dead!!you know when you dont really know those people..then..NVM..forget about it.. theres loads of good memories during form1..but now..EVERYTHING CHANGED!! the world changes day by day as in like trees are less and less everyday..if you can get what i mean..people do change too!! and i hate it when they changed..when they dont need you, they ignore you..but when they need you they look for you...WHAT IS THIS!! why is it so hard to get a true friend?!!

my bm work are getting more and more..if i dont start doing..i wont be able to finish it...4 karangan, 2 ringkasan, 1 rangsangan, tatabahasa..and i need to pass it all up by to finish...when i am still here blogging..then later watch a pig!!

DEAD class, DEAD me... i want you (you know who u are) in my class..i miss ur lameness..funniness..gossips...craziness..and also all ur 'stories'..randomness always coming out with crazy things..all ur complains..cause if there is no one complaining it will be so boring..and most of all..playing KILLER!! haha..

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