Wednesday, February 11, 2009


this little hamster i found on google is soooooo cute!! dont you think so..i wannttt it!! argh..soo cute

AT LAST!!! i can serve the volleyball!! not boasting..but i seriously felt really happy and excited when i was able to serve the volleyball!! yesterday the first few times i kept serving..using my full strength BUT it wont work so later on i kept on playing and..*poof* i did it!! really excited about volleyball now..but i hope eventhough after 1 week of not touching the ball i can still remember how to serve..

school nowadays..only one word to describe..BORING!! having such suckish teachers..especially is okay with me if she doesnt teach as good as those experienced teachers..but the problem is that she either enter the class late or never come..i kesian those who dont go for science tuition..pity them..exam sure die..unless they are those smart and hardworking ones..but this type of people very few only..

Valentines Day
coming soon..(this Saturday)

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Amantulo said...

Hi! Your ennui is understandable. These days all seem to feel so. But never mind, keep going?