Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines day!

So.went to watch valentines day and it was a total dissapoinment! It also spoiled my almost-perfect-image of taylor swift! She is freaking bitchy in that show. And taylor lautner barely appears! I think he appeared for less than 5 scenes! And the main person that attracted my attention to this show was taylor lautner!
This show has no storyline. Its just a comedy and full of kissing scenes! Overall.i dont really enjoy the show.but its nt bad la.the funny scenes only.

So CNY is boring this year! And exams around the corner. I have a week left to study! And I dont think its goin to be enough. Good luck to

The End.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dead Blog ALERT!

WARNING! this blog is dead.and i am not going to revive it unless i have time for it.which is not going to happen soon.cause my works are stacking up and i have loads of works dat i am going to get a LEWAT for.this is BAD!

SO new year is around the corner! and i havent got anything yet!this is really sad! if i dont bake cookies, i think this year's new year is going to be just like a normal day.except that we dont have to go to school.haha.

I am currently struggling with my physics and chemistry and also add maths.this is not cool!

Thats for now.hey.i just revived my i go..*boink boink boink* *WHEEE*