Saturday, October 31, 2009


lights off *jeng jeng* (so pretty)

pink is such a nice colour..dont u think so


so pretty!! the colour mixture *fell in love*

this colour ROCKS man!!

white is so nice!

this phone is so..*droolz*


Jati-ians..want to go Sunway Lagoon one day?? we plan in school okay?? excited..nvm..just anggap that i syok sendiri-ing..:) i dont mind..i am deprived for shopping!! i need slippers!! i need ice skating and sunway lagoon too!! i am also deprived for fun if you dont know that..haha

I am BOREDD....sighhh....ran out of thats for now..:D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random one

This post is to tell you about my so called 'beloved' cousin..i have got nothing to blog about so she asked me to blog about her and her 'awesomeness'..always showing me funny videos..sometimes lame ones too lame till i go blank..also my shopping partner..eventhough we went out once only..but more chances will come after her SPM..right mei yih..gosh..i really dont know what to say about you i think i will just stop here..:)

I want to bake cheese tarts!! my lemon butter cake was a success..people who ate wont say i am bluffing..maybe i have found my hidden talent..that is to bake!! hahahaha..we'll see if my cheese tarts turns out GOOD!! lol..

Recently i have been playing a game called Sudden Attack..for those girls out there i bet most of you will go 'huh?! wad game is that' but for the guys out there you will go 'i know that game..are you sure you are playing a guy's game' LOL..i keep getting killed..oh well..what do you expect from a beginner..

LOL..i am bored..havent been going to school..the last time i went was last Friday..maybe i should go to school sometimes..i dont want to get surat

thats for now..:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Muffins..Lemon cake..mmm..

I am starting to love my i meant self-declare holidays..haha..
Yesterday Shen Wen came over to not like to wash the know the thing you use to stir or mix of whatever the understand what i am talking? Pretend you know you know we start mixing butter and sugar and so on...the muffins and cake turns out quite nice..better than what we've expected..haha..aiyah..i lazy to type it in detail so..dats bout it..

Anyone interested to work? I want a partner!! XP

Friday, October 16, 2009


Had so much of fun with a bunch of sampat girls today..which made my day GOOD!!!

Went to watch surrogates..i find it pretty interesting but some of them find it boring!! they even wanted a interesting okay!! later we went arcade and got to play one game of the car racing thing..i got second over four ppl playing..later we did stuff girls like to do!! which was we went into almost every shops to try pretty dresses on..we were all so sampat we stuff 6 human beings into one fitting room just to take a picture..haha..'some people' didnt dare to come out of the fitting room cause that 'some people' wasnt use to wearing those kind of dress..haha..i know feels weird rite..haha..some of us took a super small-sized dress not knowing it..cause we just grab those dresses forgetting they have different sizes and went into the fitting room..after that we had difficulties taking them off..afraid they might get torn..haha..i had so much fun with u girls!! i hope u girls had fun too!!

I will upload the pics when i get them..IF i actually get them..haha...Lets plan for another outing okay??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DARURAT OVER!! Merdeka!!

Finally its over!! i've been stressing myself for so long..never had a good sleep in ages..always waking up early in the morning, sleeping late at night..and feeling guilty whenenver i am not no more of those!! i can sleep how early or late i want and wake not so early anymore..

For those sitting for SPM!! your day will come too!! so just be patient...

This two days in school very boring!! but we came up with many ideas planning to go here then the problem is whether we are allowed to by our parents or not..

i think i will go check out for some interesting shows showing now...tata..