Friday, October 16, 2009


Had so much of fun with a bunch of sampat girls today..which made my day GOOD!!!

Went to watch surrogates..i find it pretty interesting but some of them find it boring!! they even wanted a interesting okay!! later we went arcade and got to play one game of the car racing thing..i got second over four ppl playing..later we did stuff girls like to do!! which was we went into almost every shops to try pretty dresses on..we were all so sampat we stuff 6 human beings into one fitting room just to take a picture..haha..'some people' didnt dare to come out of the fitting room cause that 'some people' wasnt use to wearing those kind of dress..haha..i know feels weird rite..haha..some of us took a super small-sized dress not knowing it..cause we just grab those dresses forgetting they have different sizes and went into the fitting room..after that we had difficulties taking them off..afraid they might get torn..haha..i had so much fun with u girls!! i hope u girls had fun too!!

I will upload the pics when i get them..IF i actually get them..haha...Lets plan for another outing okay??

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