Sunday, March 29, 2009

CROSS Encounter Camp

Whoohoo..back with some pictures!! ahaha..should have brought camera then there will be more pics..ahahaha..usually after camp i will be extremely tired and will fall flat on the bed..but leh..i dont know why this time i m not..i am feeling really hyper ahahaha..anyway..i enjoy camp whoring there with Candace and couzie...right?!

Oh..guess you will be wondering where are all the pictures..wait till i get them all then i post them internet was down the past few days so i cant get the pics..even if i got them i cant post it also..remember?? no!!

I think school is getting better each day we played werewolf and killer almost everyday when teacher never come to school..oh no..this also mean PMR is for all the form 3's out prepared..i am still very relax though..haha..

hmph...lets see what else can i crap here..i think i am to run..bye bye..till my next post..:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Twilight Saga

I think i am addicted to twilight saga!!
The show was good..
Eventhough they cut some parts away..
But at least the kissing part is there..:P

killing subject

Math is really killing me..the other day i went for math tuition i was so lost and really in a bad mood cause i cant get what teacher is teaching..the things she wrote on the board after i understand what she wrote..not really understand though just roughly..then she rubbed the damn board..i really feel like throwing my pencil on the floor and scream..STRESSED!! ki siao wan..she suddenly go so fast..guess cause she wants to finish up indices fast..that topic is really killing me!!

Anyway..i havent pack my bag yet..i cant open the email about what to bring..i think i might need to da pao some homework there to do...too much work..teachers always think that we student's have got nothing else to do..well the fact is that we have a whole lot chunk of things to do!! i think its me only..cause i tend to not do my work and pile it till it becomes a last time i thought wearing contacts is very fang bian..but now..i think is quite mar fan..zzzZZzzZzzZzz..

What should i bring??
  • clothes
  • toiletries
  • bag
  • junks
  • book
  • pen
  • bible
  • more clothes
  • and more clothes
  • and more clothes (incase i dont have enough)

i dont know what else..i really need that mail..i have to pack my bag now!! and do my time management is lousy..i will grade it a 1/10 or maybe 0.0000001/10...

i am bored!!




Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You know what??!! some people are really getting on my nerves!! they know you dont have it then they start
rubbing it in your face..which really irritates me!! the only thing i feel like doing is to give that fellow a smack on
their face asking them to SHUT their frigging mouth UP!! i am get really pissed whenver they rub it in my face!!

Projects are killing me!!! lazy to do and find all the sumber and all the crappy things...

Everyone are saying that you better start studying now so it will be easier to revise before PMR comes..i dont think it works for me..i study..then after a while..i will kiss them you expect me to remember it!! so much brain is not a computer..and sometimes computer breaks down too or even gets laggy when too many things are stored in will get jammed the moral of the story is that our brains cant store too many things.. :D

Friday, March 20, 2009

It’s A Love Story Baby Just Say Yes


I'm back!

But poof...

You'll not see me anytime soon.

Cause I very busy.

Busy reading Twilight.

Super nice. You should go read too.

Okay, I need to go do my Chinese homework.

Oh...I'm at my cousin's house right now. We sedang hard core study + do work.

Best nya.

Her room very cold and messy. Got a lot of books lying around.

She must be studying very hard.

Here's a sexy picture of her doing the mask we sama-sama bought.


Shhhhh, don't tell her!

It's a secret. Cause she's studying now.


And I'm updating my blog using her computer.

So happen I saw this very sexy picture. So yeah, ENJOY! :)


Okay. Till my next time.

Lovelovelove. Heeeee. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Out

Joy is OKAY!!! and she can go home today..if i never heard wrongly from my mum..if you are wondering what happened to it goes..a table fell and hit a little fractured..then turn black..i wonder how she bear the least she is okay now..i guess its tough for a 5 year old small girl to go through this..went through two operation some more play play..LOL

Anyway..went to Shen Wen's house today..suppose to meet Rebecca at Atria, 1.30 but me and shen wen were late cause i took too quite some time to dry my hair..oops..sorry Rebecca!! she went but left..but still me and shen wen had loads of fun!! talked so much rubbish..haha..went mage cafe still but quite boring left after 2 hrs..the best part is that we took her dogs out for a walk...i took the not so hyper one..obviously..i even had trouble with that one already..i almost fell when her dog kept pulling strong..then there is stray dogs..they were like chasing us..but i think they just want to have a fight with shen wen's dogs..i freaked out and kept shouting for shen wen's help..but its a fun experience...cause i never walk a dog before..haha..i've always got a phobia when dogs come towards is freaky..i think thats for now..

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Grrrr...i just typed a long one just i will just cut the long story short..i baked a cake in xie wen's house just now..thats all..i lazy to type already..just now i type everything in detail then i tertekan the X then *poof* now you see, now you dont!!!

and bro's phone kena curi-ed...and then when he came back you should know what happened la..of course kena from my parents today i zuo hao xin ren..jie ta my phone to use..some people out there when you see that sentence i said i zuo hao xing ren..sure puke me!! or maybe choked if they are i that bad?? i m good and nice la puke..

random pics time:

Friday, March 6, 2009


BYE BYE horrible exams

After few days sleeping so late stuffing informations into my last my brain can relax now and also a good night sleep without worries about exams..haha..

SUDDENLY just feel like posting this ramdom