Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You know what??!! some people are really getting on my nerves!! they know you dont have it then they start
rubbing it in your face..which really irritates me!! the only thing i feel like doing is to give that fellow a smack on
their face asking them to SHUT their frigging mouth UP!! i am get really pissed whenver they rub it in my face!!

Projects are killing me!!! lazy to do and find all the sumber and all the crappy things...

Everyone are saying that you better start studying now so it will be easier to revise before PMR comes..i dont think it works for me..i study..then after a while..i will kiss them goodbye..lol..really..how you expect me to remember it!! so much okay..my brain is not a computer..and sometimes computer breaks down too or even gets laggy when too many things are stored in it..it will get jammed up..so the moral of the story is that our brains cant store too many things.. :D

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