Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Out

Joy is OKAY!!! and she can go home today..if i never heard wrongly from my mum..if you are wondering what happened to it goes..a table fell and hit a little fractured..then turn black..i wonder how she bear the least she is okay now..i guess its tough for a 5 year old small girl to go through this..went through two operation some more play play..LOL

Anyway..went to Shen Wen's house today..suppose to meet Rebecca at Atria, 1.30 but me and shen wen were late cause i took too quite some time to dry my hair..oops..sorry Rebecca!! she went but left..but still me and shen wen had loads of fun!! talked so much rubbish..haha..went mage cafe still but quite boring left after 2 hrs..the best part is that we took her dogs out for a walk...i took the not so hyper one..obviously..i even had trouble with that one already..i almost fell when her dog kept pulling strong..then there is stray dogs..they were like chasing us..but i think they just want to have a fight with shen wen's dogs..i freaked out and kept shouting for shen wen's help..but its a fun experience...cause i never walk a dog before..haha..i've always got a phobia when dogs come towards is freaky..i think thats for now..

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