Sunday, March 29, 2009

CROSS Encounter Camp

Whoohoo..back with some pictures!! ahaha..should have brought camera then there will be more pics..ahahaha..usually after camp i will be extremely tired and will fall flat on the bed..but leh..i dont know why this time i m not..i am feeling really hyper ahahaha..anyway..i enjoy camp whoring there with Candace and couzie...right?!

Oh..guess you will be wondering where are all the pictures..wait till i get them all then i post them internet was down the past few days so i cant get the pics..even if i got them i cant post it also..remember?? no!!

I think school is getting better each day we played werewolf and killer almost everyday when teacher never come to school..oh no..this also mean PMR is for all the form 3's out prepared..i am still very relax though..haha..

hmph...lets see what else can i crap here..i think i am to run..bye bye..till my next post..:)

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