Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last Friday our CG went to our church's rehab centre..haha..had a great time there..before getting there i thought they will look very you know a drug addict..all sort of scary pictures come popping in ur head..but when i got there..everything is the opposite..they are so warm, friendly..i mean really friendly..some of them are real joker..that tickles my funny bone..ahahaha..they told us all their past stories and the stories are very of them there is only 18 years old!! he started smoking when he was 14..imagine how young he is!! Everything starts from a cigarette smoke leading to more dangerous drug..they even took geng!! haha..

DUCF rally was quite okay.eventhough not much people..but the worship team was a blast..not bad..good job..haha..and my parents and brother and sister went for 1901 without me!!! then my brother start rubbing it in my face saying it was soooOOoooOOoOO nice to eat..zzZzzZzZZZzzz..

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