Monday, April 20, 2009


For the sake of updating i am here now am suppose to be in bed now..oh well..i am here and its 12 in the morning!!! tommorow is volleyball!! the tuition..spoil my day only!! well me is planning to go to the library this thurs..dont go "HAR!! are you sure you can do work there" i WILL TRY okay!! exam is near..really near..and i am getting really really panicky!! everyone is like PMR is like kacang putih only larh..OF COURSE la! you all sat for it already what..but i am sure before that you are also panicking right..this is normal human reaction okay!! i think i am done here..GOODNIGHT PEEPS!! i am in a really happy mood now!! it wont last very long though..ahahaha...

i think i love you still :)

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