Friday, August 21, 2009


Exams for this week are over!! but after the holidays there will be 3 more days of exam..sigh..student life is all about exam exam and MORE exams!!

Tell you something funny...

This afternoon i was so tired cause for the past few days i have been sleeping very late and waking up very early so i took a nap..i slept at 3 and set my alarm at 4 cause i wanted to watch a my alarm rang, i woke up feeling still sleepy and off-ed my alarm..then i slept throughout the afternoon untill I MISSED 2 OF MY SHOWS!!! but the funny this is dat when my brother on my room light..which he always does when i wake up late in the morning for school..i jumped out of bed and the first thing that came into my mind was ..shit, why didnt my alarm i am late for school...some more i thought that i am having kh exam..i forgot that we've already sat for after awhile when i wasnt that blur anymore..i thought..ei?? i thought kh exam over already..then i looked at the clock and it shows 8 o'clock!! then i thought ei?? not dinner time neh now? i went downstairs and saw food on the table..

This is so crazy..this shows how tired i am stressing over exam..haha..i wonder what i am going to do tonight..i cant sleep anymore..:)