Thursday, June 3, 2010

Party Time!

It has been long since i last updated my dead blog. so tommorow is goin to be the LAST day of exams! Wheeeee! happy me! *jumps jumps*

But i am totally screwed for all my other papers especially the science ones! Somehow i feel very relaxing for this term's exam. I've got to admit that i didnt really put much effort in. So if the results are not satisfying i will know who to blame.

Who cares about it now when they are over. i'll just get worried about it a day before school reopens..

so i plan to bake,shop,bake,shop,go sunway lagoon,bake,shop...etc all day long during this very short 2 weeks holidays! if only its a month!

oh that i've updated it..ciaoz:)