Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dum dee dee dumm :)

Hmmph.. you know what?? I really wish our friendship would last..but what happening now is not what i want!! I wish i can turn time back..or maybe stop those time when we are having loads of fun together..playing and crapping about almost everything that come across out mind..i miss those moments..can i turn time backwards?? How nice it is if there is this super clock which can turn time back..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School is Back!

I miss the i self declare holiday today..

Got back almost all my results..hmph..not satisfied..i did disgustingly terrible..but for math i was quite surprise..i expected to get like 60+ but it turned out to be 70+..not bad..haha..i tembak 16 question without looking at the question (there isnt anytime left..thats why) and got 11 correct..amazing right?! Nevermind..

Tomorrow is sports day..i want to go BUT my mum asked me not to go..she said its a waste of time going..even my brother is not going..

Is Friday a holiday? since we are having sports day on Thursday..cause i thought usually after sports day there will be a holiday..

Thats all..for now..:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 weeks of freedom? boredom?

It has been quite a while since i last update..holidays are quite boring..but also quite okay la...first few days of the holiday were quite busy..friday night went for sleepover at emily & shen wen's church..the games are quite fun..except that we three are separated into different groups..its okay for them..NOT ME..anyways the game where we need to find our team mates (hostages) we had a 'wonderful' time looking for hidden clues IN THE DARK!!! the santuary was pretty scary with the baby crying ang laughing sound..have been sleeping really early in the morning for the first 4 nights of holidays..maybe its because i m used to sleeping late studying for exams..talking about exams..i am dead this term.
Then the second day we had bbq at Riana Greens with my cg members(the tresure hunt was a total failure..sry to say that)..neways..had a great time soaking shen wen and few other girls with pool water that night..haha..
Today..just now..shen wen, naomi and rebecca came over to my house to do the NIE project..GUESS WHAT...i've already expected it anyway..we did nothing and end up watching August Rush..and poor shen wen and rebecca couldnt watch the ending which was the best part..haha...too bad for them...
Going back to hometown this weekend..looking forward to..cause i've plan to do loads of interesting things with my cousin..haha
guess thats for to rush my no...i shall watch a show first..haha..i am addicted to that show..Boys Over Flowers...and this is no good!!
Chinese tuition work NOT DONE!!! CRAP!! who cares i still have one more week to do...haha..

Holiday homework list:
  • 2 chinese essay
  • zhong kai
  • read 8 chinese essay
  • finish up all the objective questions in the book..the WHOLE BOOK
  • math
i better run..bye bye..till the next post...:D