Friday, March 27, 2009

killing subject

Math is really killing me..the other day i went for math tuition i was so lost and really in a bad mood cause i cant get what teacher is teaching..the things she wrote on the board after i understand what she wrote..not really understand though just roughly..then she rubbed the damn board..i really feel like throwing my pencil on the floor and scream..STRESSED!! ki siao wan..she suddenly go so fast..guess cause she wants to finish up indices fast..that topic is really killing me!!

Anyway..i havent pack my bag yet..i cant open the email about what to bring..i think i might need to da pao some homework there to do...too much work..teachers always think that we student's have got nothing else to do..well the fact is that we have a whole lot chunk of things to do!! i think its me only..cause i tend to not do my work and pile it till it becomes a last time i thought wearing contacts is very fang bian..but now..i think is quite mar fan..zzzZZzzZzzZzz..

What should i bring??
  • clothes
  • toiletries
  • bag
  • junks
  • book
  • pen
  • bible
  • more clothes
  • and more clothes
  • and more clothes (incase i dont have enough)

i dont know what else..i really need that mail..i have to pack my bag now!! and do my time management is lousy..i will grade it a 1/10 or maybe 0.0000001/10...

i am bored!!




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