Friday, March 19, 2010


SO.i went to genting and so we played at the theme park.just my brother and me.we spent 90% of the time to queue up and this is not fun.waiting for your turn to come is really boring! AND THEN i missed the bestest of the bestest's game.which is the roller coaster-cork angry! cause the line was really long so we didnt want to wait and so we saved that for the it was dark and we went there.where there is less than 10 people.but when we were all ready to set RAINED! @#$%^!! just got back from CF Camp.this camp was really fun.the games were great too! and my Angel was a really really really nice and sweet angel.i almost got a sugar rush.he kept giving me sweets things.also met loads of f2 and f3 new friends.they were all so sweet and nice and friendly.this is also the first camp that served such delicious meals! really.they were so good i cant help not eating i think i put on some weight:( overall, camp was really awesome! they have night court.this is a really funny is so funny you cant not laugh your butt off! serious! funny to the max.

after camp i've got to go for sad my life is.its a holiday! and i am tired! but i've got to go.sigh.not that i am forced to just that i dont want to be left behind when the others have done so many things.

and so after unpacking all my clothes, i have to pack new ones again cause there'll be another camp can you imagine how puffy my eyebags are.good for you if you can. reopening.means marks are going to be given out.this is not going to be fun!

pictures come later. i want to sleep!

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