Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once in a life time thing!

I ponteng school..i mean by walking out of school before school ends..yeap..its true..haha..damn scary when we were walking heartbeat freaking fast..twice the time of my usual cctv saw us..I HOPE SO!

Then we and our fantastic plan to go Curve after that..CHANGED to going to 1u..better than not its a day with emily and shen wen..u know what? emily walks really fast..her one step is my two steps..thats how fast she go..i dont know how can it happen too!!

Anyways..Thursday was a last day for us form 3s..i should have brought my camera!! sigh..regreted..but its okay..we've got emily's ginormous camera the super chunted one and jinni's camera..haha..had a great time taking pictures..i guess thats for now..when i get those pictures frm jinni and emily i'll post it here..:)

Thats for now:)

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