Monday, November 16, 2009

A day out..:)

At last!! plan worked out! went ice skating with a few human beings..hmm..quite fun..I fell 4 times!! 4 freaking times and got blueblacks and a scratch..but at least no blister..haha.. so perfect plans to push people down FAILED!! instead of me pushing them down..i lost my balance and almost

Wanted to take a group picture..BUT i forgot to..oh well..blame my brain not only pictures of us 3 girls..

the car moved so much its a bit shaky..

no idea what funny post to i just look out the window..

look at dear shen wen

thats for now..
i hate facebook..i cant upload pictures..
maybe its just my computer..
ooo i like putting...
like it or not..
i dont care..

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