Wednesday, November 4, 2009


few of us Jinni, Shen Wen and me went to Emily's place today..since she cant go out this week we went over to her's..haha..had a great time there..ate her homecook kuey tiao..hmm..yumm..healthy..haha..then we played monopoly..emily owned..her nephew keep so called kacauing her but it's soooo cute..his chubby cheeks..gosh..then half way through the game..guess what..emily's nephew(1+yrs old) pee-ed!! he even said shee laughed their heads off..omg..he is so cute!! lol..we watched bride wars also..hmm..that show..okay la..not that bad..i know its abit outdated cause that show is quite old already..

guess thats what i did today..sigh..plans to go 1u this friday cancelled AGAIN!! oh well..maybe just the few of us girls go out then plan another outing with the guys..haha..see how it goes..haha

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