Monday, November 23, 2009


Went to PJEFC to help out in VBS, had lots of fun. theres this guy name gary, there in the picture below, the boy with the brown jacket covering his face, so cute la he!! the way shen wen called him is exactly the way she calls the gary in jati, so its kinda funny, haha. he is really talkative, busy talking abt G.I. Joe and his fav football team Liverpool and some other stuff. its hard to get a picture of him without his jacket covering his we made a deal, first he took a picture where you can only see his eyes, then later he covered his mouth then at last a picture of him. its even harder to keep him still. so i guess today is my day thats why i got picture of him. haha.

dont you think he look like someone..

ppl, this is ken

take 1

take 2


Kids are just so adorable!! dont you think so..

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