Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've been going to one utama for many times..the last post was about one utama, this one will also be about that my cousin sms me(but i didnt realize it) then called me whether i want to follow her and her borther to i asked my parents then they said we went there..walk and walk and walk then Mei Yih(cousin) bought some things then we continue walking then we went to this shop called Diva then Chi Yao(cousin) bought earrings for us *thank you*..a really chunted one..a zip..haha..then continue walking..then we stop at a chocolate makan shop to makan..

At first super exited..then when Chi Yao got some plain water..that time i was asking myself..why do they serve plain water when we ordered drinks i just dont care about it..then went to choose a cake..siao small piece costs RM8.90!! so crazy..then we took some pictures then started eating..the more we ate the more we got jelak of it..then cannot finnish so we played a number game..if whoever guessed the number correctly must eat the cake..Chi Yao kena the most..hahaha..then theres one round when i gave a number to Mei Yih she shook her head instead of saying example: 25 to 90..then we started laughing...haha..

After a few rounds..we finished jelak..the chocolate drink its those super filling type..i m not eating chocolate for the rest of the week!! chocolate lovers maybe you should give it a try..haha..maybe you wont get sick of it..maybe after that we started wlking again..took some pictures then walk a while more(to digest the chocolates in my stomach) then went home..haha..the conclusion of my post is that eating loads of chocolaty things makes you sick of it..

zip earrings(so cool rite)

chocolate drink(super filling)

can you see the earring??:)

yummy cakes(at first,after that its not haha)

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