Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday was a really long day..i thought we are having a movie..but guess what..instead of that we had amazing race!! which i didnt really enjoyed it.. we combined with another 3 cell groups..and that amazing race thing made us run almost the whole ou..i think we ran the whole ou just looking for those people..some more i didnt bring water to drink..walao..that time i was already half dead..i dont even know whats going on when they got the clue..just followed blindly..theres someone i dislike that is in the same group with what i did was i followed them without knowing whats going on!!

Theres a task where we were asked to play would i know how to play..that was my first time actually playing all 3 of us dont know how to play except our group i was like taking the stick with one hand pushing the balls into the hole(please no sick thoughts) so at last i didnt get any into the holes..haha..

I hate the 2nd last one the MOST! they made us run the WHOLE new wing without telling us any specific place to look for them..gosh..that was torturing my legs!! so at last my group leader decided to sit and rest..his plan was to find where other groups appear from then go that direction..haha..actually it was not really helpful..maybe abit..well what to do..laziness..haha..later on we saw someone familiar outside the cinema and thought thats the person we were looking for..guess what..thats not the one..that was actually the last one..where they check whether we have all the clues..then they told us if we had the last clue..we are officially the 4th group!! but we dont have here we go again..looking for that person..on the way down goin to marks and spencer..we saw them..i was like AT LAST IT HAS COME TO AN END!! then we did the last task and went back up the cinema floor..we were the last group..not surprising..

We walked for almost 3hours..then went for makan..but my friend and i didnt follow..we went to walk ourself cause both of us got to get some stuff..then i quickly get myself a drink then my friend got some food to makan..then we went hunting for things..then she got hers..then went hunting for mine..then got mine after a long long time thinking which one is better and asking my friend, cousin and cousin's friend..i finally made up my mind..then all the cell groups gathered outside fish n co..then went back to church..

After church..i went ou again!! need to buy clothes for my bro for cousin's wedding..haha..everybody also busy buying clothes for cousin's dad bought a bracelet for my mum for her birthday present..then bought clothes for my bro then went mcdonald..was almost 11 that time..makan then went long of typing and trying to recall back what last it is done..then went back i fall asleep..what a long day!! haha..:)

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