Thursday, November 13, 2008

i see my name!!

i see my name..ignore the OLIN..wakakaka..

so pretty!!'s 1.05am and i am still here blogging..cant!! i am still not very sure whether am i doing all this correctly..hmph..lets see..lets talk about exam results..i did really badly for sejarah this time..i was lazy to walk out to take my paper so elvina took it for me..since she is sitting outside..

then i saw her face expression..kind of scary..was thinking in my heart i am dead this time really dead..TRUE ENOUGH!! 27/60..i was shocked..its so terrible and just cant accept i check through..teacher made a makes a big difference from C to good thing i checked..i have no idea how she mark our papers without usint any pens or pencils..the paper is very clean..terrible la..

now waiting for the other 3 more subjects..english, art and geography..i already hav 3 B's!! cant afford to get another one if i want to get an A for percentage..thats my target even if its only 80 i am happy target memang very low..cannot make it too high..if cannot get it then will be very dissapointed ..walao..type so much last its a long one..1.30am..i want to sleep..*yawns* goodnight..

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