Tuesday, November 25, 2008


HAR?! this is what i get for birthday?? not as good poser as daddy!!
BIG baby!!
Heard this pepatah "bapa borek, anak rintik" haha

Yum yummy..
When the bill is out..*shocked* poser!!

Yesterday was mummy's birthday!! we went to the usual place..none other than pizza hut..so like this lor..makan makan makan..then went home..haha..lazy to say everything in detail..dui bu qi..*smiles*

Got my contacts yesterday..so uncomfy..then only realize put terbalik..haha..i took less than 10 mins to put it in my eye..very good for a beginner okay!! then when i came home i took les than 5 mins to take it out..what a pro i m..haha..*perasanted* haha..

Now my holidays are going to be really busy..started learning piano..crazy..need to memorise 6 basic chords(which is alot to me) in one weeks time!!some more going to singapore..siao..where got time..that teacher gave so many pages of homework also..ki siao!! HOW TO FINISH..i not in the mood for that now also..grr...

Will be going to singapore tomorrow..whee~ so wont be blogging..nowadays very lazy to update also..haha..i m out of idea..suppose to do my theory now..but..too lazy to think!!

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