Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleep!! *oink oink*

I havent been having enough of sleep this few days..so my eye bags are puffing out..lol..i think after a super cold night at the hotel, i am getting a flu now..*har choo* haha..

Yesterday night i felt super hyper..i have no idea why..i kept jumping and running up and down the stairs and talking all around the house..then after a while i felt tired and sat down to watch tv..so crazy..haha..maybe because i am feeling TOO BORED so i came up with this silly idea..since i have ntg else better to do..

GOSH!! i am really really bored..how!! my mum's birthday is cuming soon..really soon..what should i get her? suggestions please..lalalala...theres this cute girl..a really cute one and hyper too!! name joelle..i like her name..its so unique..haha..i am really coming up with ramdom things now..what to do..i dont even have anything to post to make my post look long..haha

Holidays are boring!! all i do is eat,sleep,play..then the next day eat,sleep,play..so dead..maybe sometimes read..sigh..now i want to play my favourite game..DINER DASH!! dont laugh..its fun kay..maybe you should try..:)

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