Monday, November 17, 2008


Things I want to do during the school holidays:

1. watch HSM3
2. watch Twilight(the trailer makes it sound really interesting..u can watch it in my bro's blog)
3. finish reading Twilight before the movie is out
4. sleep as much as i want before school reopens(next year morning school so not enough sleep)
5. do what a girl likes to do(i dont know what but it just mean everything)
6. go to Singapore
7. collect Christmas present!!
8. wait for Chinese New Year!! thats my holiday plan..

went hotel yesterday night with my uncle, aunty and cousin..the temperature in the room is n my cousin were freezing!! eventhough it is already 30 degree!! siao right?
but when i was sleeping, it was so warm and cozy..the single bed is so huge..too big till i dont know which side to i keep turning and moving..haha..
i dont know what to do now! hmph..maybe have some junkfood..haha..

oh more thing..when are we going to Singapore? why is my bro saying that we are going next week? so early meh??

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