Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cleaning up

At last after so long..i m going to clean up my messy room!! i started telling my mum that i will clean it after exam is over..but i was too lazy..whenever my mum asked whether i wanted to clean up my room yet..i will say "later lah..not now..no mood now" so..a day has come to an end..so the next day the same old thing happened..so now is the time..haha

Tomorrow cousin's wedding will be held here..before that was in singapore so now here..lol..will be loading more pictures maybe on sunday..my crazy sampat cousins are having a sampat table at table no.38..how nuts can they get i wonder..hmm..church camp is coming real soon..next week i think..yea..it is next week..haha..

Oooo..whee~ almost done with twilight..exciting part is up next..i've still got 1/4 to go..yayie..so many holiday homeworks not done yet..HOW?! there is chinese,bm,theory..oh no!! sigh...i m 3/4 dead already..i really need something to do before i go 4/4 dead!! anyone? help? lol..wait for the next post that i coming soon..haha..*off to read twilight,play games* no work..terrible..haha..laziness of me..

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