Sunday, December 21, 2008

Volley ball

This morning went to a field near yuk chai with elvina, soon len, zi ying and some other people..was quite fun..what i've for fun..cause when elvina told me there is a coach i was like the day started..i waited infront of yuk chai gate..guess one there i waited waited and there she is elvina and zi ying arrived..they both wearing long pants..i was like why didnt u tell we waited again till soon len came..she also wearing the same thing..i felt so awkward..then we went to the field..saw some people there..waited for the coach..then eric came then told us the coach fractured his i dont know what either hand or leg..i was like whoohoo!!
then we play play play and more play..until now i still cant serve the ball or do anything good..sigh..and you know what i got?? a blueblack!! ouch!! gosh..but i had a great its kinda worth it..haha..

Going to see which class am i going to next year then also be a kepochi to see which class my friends are going to..whad to do..i cant help it..cause i really want to know if i have any friends there..i hope i wont drop class!! =S

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