Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am really pressurize!! everyone was like ur bro did so well next year u have to get better than him..or at least remain the same as his..i am really worried abt it now!! Sometimes i will ask myself why must the government give us all this exams..why cant they just abolish this exam all the students pressure!! but when i re-think this is just silly..all nonsense..

I dropped class..i hate that class..i never like the name of the class..and now..i m in that class!! Wad is this mann!! the streaming system stinks!! Why am i always separated from my good friends and they get to always be in the same class..last year like that this year ALSO like that..what crap!! why cant we just be in the same class..together..sigh..i miss those times when we shared gossips..secrets..and just everything we used to do i wish i can turn time back!! wad nonsense!!

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