Sunday, December 14, 2008

Encounter camp

Camp was awesome!! its in one of the NS training place..loads of insects..the facilities there are terrible!! no water!! cause when there's loads of people then the water pressure will be low so the first day i was like mandi kerbau la..cause i not sweating also..the food there on the first day was also terrible..but the second day was okay..then the third then the last..all was okay..the games were fun except the part where was so torturing my legs hurt..its like when i bent my legs a bit then its like i m going to just hurt..but overall fun..haha..i did kayaking..first time.. when i was on it..its like the boat is going to overturn..scary!!second day after small game i quickly go to the toilet..good thing theres an empty toilet..when i on the shower not much water came out..oh well..better than no water right..but suddenly the water stopped..i was like OH NO!!!! but good thing i was almost done so i just use the paip kesian right..then the third day, after the big game..i was smart enough to go to the further toilet where not many people i went there with my friend..nobody happy..but i saw a frog on the shower when i went in one of the toilet..i ran out then go to the other toilet..the water was so nice..there is water..loads of water..its like bathing at home..except theres no heater!! so since there isnt anyone there..i took my sweet time in there..haha..sessions were great!! the pastor was very nice funny..kept us all awake except for one morning i dont have enough sleep so i felt sleepy..haha..didnt have enough of sleep the past few days..woke up at 12 this morning afternoon..haha..thats about it..there loads more but i am lazy to type it thats all..haha

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