Thursday, December 25, 2008

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1. Elvina
2. Emily
3. Angeline
4. Mei Yih
5. Michelle
6. Rueben
7. Timothy Yeoh
8. Eric
9. Jordan

How do you know 1?

Same school, then same class in 2Batai

What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
I'm not a lesbian, and neither are they.

Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
Erm, they dont even know each other!!

Do you think 7 is attractive?
erm, i dont know..

Do you know anything about 8's family?
Not at all..

Tell me something about 9...
He is a big time joker..funny, funny and funny..if you get to know him u wont get bored cause he will entertain u with all kind of crazy jokes..haha

What language does 2 speaks?
English, Malay & Chinese

Who is 3 going out with?

How old is 4?

When was the last time you talk to 5?
i dont know..

Who is 6's favourite singer?
I'm not sure, don't know.

Would you date 7?
I dont think so..cause he is younger then me

What is 9's last name? sry..i dont know..

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
If i m a lesbian..i will consider her..haha

Which school does 2 goes to?

What do you like about 3?
i dont know..her craziness??

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