Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elevate Camp '09

this was how our room look like
(thats my bed!! the one on the left)
messy room

where's the sea water?!

there..its here!!


joy, me, cass

 back from camp and was in 'stoning' period for almost a day..the stoning term was used by my was AWESOME!! Pr. Julie is really a great pastor..she can get along with us youth well..the whole sermon was funny and exciting cause of her bouncy-ness..jumping here and there..telling us lame things..but she was great!!

Hotel word to describe..TERRIBLE!! toilet tersumbat and that time i really need to pee so i have to go to a friend's room to use their toilet! its like..zzz..then the want to get a lift you have to wait 10++ minutes!! can die!! some more my room floor is the highest floor..9th floor!! i cannot tahan waiting for that grandfather lift so sometimes i will walk down..sometimes i even walk up..i think a few times!! and trust me..walking up kills ur leg!! before i even reach 9th floor, i was already panting like someone who have just ran a few kilometers far!! Thats how tiring it was!! food there somemore..not nice..only a few dishes is okay..

You see..this hotel apparently is known as a 4 star hotel!! more like a 1 star! its terrible!! not to mention the beach is so dirty!! i think i have to stop talking about the negative things..

lastly thank you all the game masters, leaders, pastor..etc. for making this camp a success!! :)

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