Friday, December 4, 2009


I am happy!! cause Boys over Flowers is coming out on tv again!! but i cant watch the first few episodes! CIS! oh well..after watching the korean version, then now they change the talkings to chinese, they sound so gay!! not nice..but the show still very nice! go! watch it! 8tv, 8.30pm! i feel like i am promoting the show for them..haha..

Heard that PMR results will be out on the 28th..SHTI!! i wont be around thats one thing that suck alot! its like everyone will be getting their results and a few malang people like me wont get them until we come back..its like so outdated..sobs..

things i WANT TO DO before school reopens:
1. shop till i drop
2. go ice skating again
3. watch 2012
4. watch new moon
5. go for outings with emily, elvina and shen wen
6. go to a gym
7. have sleepovers
8. go SWIMMING!!
9. sleep all i want and get my eye bags off!
10. meet my primary friends!!

I have to accomplish at least 5 of them!! so wish me luck! haha

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Chiox said...

Eh ask Mei Yih to bring u to the Jaya33 gym la. There got pool also. So you can cross 2 of the things off your to-do list. =) Can ask them for a 7 day free trial pass so you can try out and explore the gym a bit...