Monday, December 7, 2009

After 3 years...

huixian, jiapei, huijin


ching, huixian


i think i was asking the other one who was a camera shy to get in the pic..oh well he is the only person not in any of the pics i took..

one of the camera shy guy..kaibing


jiapei, huijin, shih kuan


look at her eyes!! i love the colour!!

Everyone changed..i mean EVERYONE!! ok..some maybe are still a lil bit the same..but ppl grow!! i had to leave early! i hate it! well..its over..not use regreting! now i want another outing..this time a BETTER one..this one kinda fellowship..stink! the guys are still as lame as ever..maybe they still think they are in primary school..haha..all of them camera shy except not sporting!
Next outing please be funner:)

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