Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am Back!!!

This taiping trip was fun..better than what i've thought it would be..

Day 1
We arrived at about 1 in the afternoon..went for lunch then while the others went back to have some rest, me, my mum and bro went to do some shopping..things there are quite plate of char koay tiao is RM2.30..half the price in here!!
After everyone is ready..we went to Lake Garden..enjoy the greenery there..then went for and petrina went extra half round since there is no one queing up..cause its going to close soon and also to make that 10 bucks worth..haha..later we went for dinner and head for the hotel..everyone was dead tired..

Day 2
We were suppose to go to Maxwell Hill..but didnt make it at last..i think its because there is too many we went to the zoo instead..i saw this really cute put a big leave on the an umbrella..maybe it is too hot..haha..really cute..but unfortunately..i didnt manage to take the picture..cause the tram was moving too fast..then on the way the hippos didnt want to come out of the water then the tram driver called 'dayang' or 'sayang' i dont know..then one by one started coming out..haha..
Later we went to the first i have got no intentions of getting wet..cause i was wearing white and also because i did not bring extra clothes to change..but in the end..i was brother and Leon started the water splashing thing..then they thought i was too dry so they poured water on me..then i thought Petrina was too i wet the end everyone was wet..including our mums..they were sitting up the table place then the guys took water up and splash them..haha..

Day 3
Go home time!! before leaving, we went to have dim sum..and guess what everything finished except some fish ball and other balls (no wrong thinkings)otak-otak-liked thing..i have no idea wha that is and pau...thats all!!! then later luckily they steam up more siu mai..and thats for 'nice'..and guess what..i broke MY WORLD RECORD by drinking 4 cups of chinese tea!! 2 is the small know the small tea cup..yes that one..and 2 normal-sized cup...normally..i will drink just one sip then later order something else like soft drink..but this time i was lazy and chinese tea is healthy so i make myself stinks!! haha

Thats my taiping trip...wait till i upload the bye for now..:)

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