Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last Saturday, went one utama with candace, aileen, petrina and naomi..celebrate aileen's (9 may) and naomi's (16 may) birthday..we all spent alot of *$$kacheeing $$ kacheeing$$* lols...aileen spent the most..almost RM200!! well, that day was quite and candace tried on the clothes in Romp..trying to be funny..haha...the sales person like very annoyed with us..haha..and guess what..i went back to the place we had lunch for dinner to celebrate mother's day...the waiter saw me in same clothes same everything and smiled..i dont know where to hide my face..i feel so funny..haha..but i tried a different food..haha..taste good too!! you can try that good price reasonable..haha..that shop's name is Pizza Milano..

Bought a handbag for mummy as a gift..i like that bag!! haha

Now picture time..didnt took much..

trying on clothes..haha

all of us

i had this for lunch (i like this better)


crazy us

i find this adorable..why others say childish..


i had this for dinner

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