Friday, May 15, 2009

Exams stinks

When is exam? next thursday. have i studied? not at all. Am i doomed? yes, thats for sure. Am i bored? Obviously..if not i wont be asking myself questions then answering it silly..

I need some motivations to study!! Someone motivate me! so that my brain cells will wake up..they are all currently sleeping..LOLs..I feel so proud of myself..FOR ONCE i finished all my chinese school work..i never do them for the past 2 years..and i am wondering how i survived..haha..

My glasses broke last Sun i think..i have no idea how it got broken also..haha..and my new one look so weird..i have no idea why i chose that..zzz..tomorrow which is also 16th May..sangat banyak orang punya hari jadi..

Can we forget what had happened in the past?

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