Sunday, July 26, 2009


Loud is in about one and a half hour more till in starts!! Make sure u be there on time!! YES YOU!!

Argh...feeling sick...having slight fever, cough, eyes are sour..i hope i still can have FUN in LOUD!!! *har choooo* i am suppose to do the komsas thing now...but i cant cause my bro is using the computer that has the half-way-done i thought since i have not been using the computer for quite a while...i use my dad's one lor...

Anyway...we, 3 jati..had a surprise party for Melissa Leong who is going to study in another school..if i am not mistaken somewhere in Seremban..i was quite fun...taking pics..but gary didnt want to the pics turns out ok only..

Shen wen and me bake some choco cupcakes too!! went to her house and sat there thinking how to bake cause both of us dont have experience at all...eventhough i bake once in xie wen's house but i didnt do anything much...both shen wen and me was hoping that the cupcakes turns out well...guess what..when the first batch was ready we tried, shen wen's mum and sis tried too and we all said it was good..except it was a bit the next 2 batches, we added in more milk...and it turns out REALLY GOOD!!! haha
so proud of myself la... to go get ready...bye bye...

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