Friday, July 31, 2009


Cant use the com very often talk about LOUD!! it was really fun!! first time going wild..screaming and cheering..and rite..i didnt know Jonathan can dance..he was so goood..he and his Michael Jackson's move..i like the moonwalk..its so REAL!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!!

anyways..dont have much time to list what happened that i will upload the pics in my next post..which will be SOON i hope...

Trials are just round the corner...i really have to buck up..or i will be upset with my results..60 plus days left till PMR...time is really flying..and its flying VERY fast!!!

SO..PMR students!!! WORK HARD!!! just for 2 more months and we can have our not over yet but i am so excited for PMR to be over...terrible...

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