Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crazy time

Yesterday afternoon my cousin came over to be babysitted..haha..we really had a great time..we camwhored first we went over to fetch her then we went to the optical shop to get contacts for me and my mum..but my mum's one dont have but i got mine..just for my contacts we waited there for about 1 many people..then later went to the watch shop to collect my mum's watch..then we went last..home sweet we all (my bro,cousin and me) decided to do some work..but my cousin wanted to show me some funny videos so i watch lo..very funny..laugh my head off!! haha..the doing work thing wasnt successful..i end up doing i think 3 math questions then later we went to church..then after that we went to my dad's colleugue's wedding (indian wedding) the music was FULL BLAST!! my ear hurts..then when we talk we have to like shout so the other person can hear..then later we got bored of sitting there then we took crazy pics!! haha..let the pics to the talking now..haha..there are not much pics here..some of them are in my bro's phone so forget about uploading those..cause he is not at home(thats why i can use the com)..

Then later we went to tropicana city to pat..see what they have n my cousin saw this sunglass place then we wear and take pic..the sunglass is nice!! right?

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